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In 2019 Covid -19 Sparked and shocked entire world killing millions of people arround the world. the lockdown bought a stop to all the social activities, and daily life of all the individuals which made all the people helpless, handicapped, and nervous to what would happen? Looking at the increase in the waste generated in our country raised a question- what can be done to this waste in order to reduce the landfills and save our mother earth from major environmental issues and how can we generate value out of it? That’s when the idea of Trash to Cash sparked. Collection of waste and segregating it properly was the need of the hour as people were already in the state of worries, due to the pandemic and proper treatment of waste would save a lot of virus inborn and would provide better hygienic and safe environment for everyone across the globe. This is an initiative ensuring commitment towards a sustainable future.


At home in Lock down period he thought of helping aged parents, house wives and others who got struck in lock down months together accumulating huge amounts of trash at every house hold people worried of deadly virus attack parents were unable to go out to clear the trash , this inspired him to launch a social venture called " TRASH TO CASH to help needy people by picking trash door to door most importantly he thought how women can become self reliant ( Atmanirbhar ) and Earn Money By segregating house hold waste and safeguarding deadly situation .


Trash To Cash is a Social Venture for India’s Waste Management System working with an objective to spread the awareness about recycling and encouraging people to segregate their waste systematically and earn money through us by using our services, solving the problem of ingenuine scrap buyers through transparency in weighing and cashless CD transactions. We ensure the convenience of the customer and proper management of waste and recycling. 


We provide services to not only households but also to the organizations who find it very difficult to dispose off their trash which occupies huge space of their land. Our Business services are inclined towards battling the environmental challenges and putting them into proper use and contributing extensively in advancement of recycling and waste management. 


A major priority for Trash to Cash Innovation Private Limited is to develop more efficient recycling technologies, so as to increase sustainability with smarter recycling infrastructure. We aim to contribute to a brighter future where nothing is wasted, the environment is cherished and people use technology to form better behaviours. Usage of easier, quicker and multitasking technology. 


To spread awareness and inculcate the habit of segregation of waste in a systematic way and to make them understand the importance of the ecological system by rewarding individuals and introduce technology to conserve the system. 


Ankit Jain Director of the company, Son of Mr. Mahendra Kumar Jain who is a leading sourcing consultant for imports and exports in Bangalore. He Completed his under graduation in may 2021from Christ University, Bangalore and is an active participant in a lot of social movements and social groups like Rotaract International, Bangalore Plog Run, Clean India, XR Climate Change, Bangalore Student Community etc. His aim is to spread awareness on the waste management and clean environment and his motto is to make the India a Landfill free country by making people join their hands with the organization and use advanced technology to make it possible.


Our motto is to make our  surroundings a better place to live. To achieve this  goal we must protect the environment in which we lead our livelihood as we strongly believe that a healthy planet and a healthy community go hand in hand. We at Trash To Cash are taking necessary steps to minimise the negative effects and safeguard  and preserve our natural resources and create a sustainable environment. 

We provide hassle-free services in a complete electronic manner to promote eco-friendly environment.

For your convenience, we have digitalized our services.

Follow the below steps to turn your waste into a resource,

  1. Download Our App through play store or app store. 

  2. Register yourself. 

  3. Schedule a pickup, our representative will come to your doorstep. 

  4. Our Representative weighs them on an accurate digital weighing scale. 

  5. Amount is then credited into your bank account or you can also donate. 

  6. Now the scrap is ready for the recycling process

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