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we assure genuinity at every step without having you worry about anything having transparent system with 2 times verification process.


All our partners are verified with complete background check, so you can feel safe to welcome them to your place at any hour.

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As soon as our partner collects the scrap and its verified, you will receive your rewards into your bank account within 24 hours of the booking.

About Us

Experience in Sustainable Venture for India’s Waste Management System

In 2019, Covid -19 sparked and shocked the entire world, killing millions of people. The lockdown brought a stop to all social activities, and disrupted the lives of individuals, making them feel helpless, and nervous. Looking at the increase in waste in our country raised a question - what can be done to this waste in order to reduce the burden on landfills and generate value? That’s when the idea of Trash to Cash sparked. Collection and segregation of waste was the need of the hour. This is an initiative ensuring commitment towards a sustainable future.

  • Convert waste to wealth through our innovative recycling solutions.
  • Monetize your waste - transforming trash into a lucrative opportunity.
  • Cash in on sustainability by recycling your waste responsibly.
Trash To Cash Implemented

A wide range of waste
Recycling services

Good Health and Well being

Free working space provided for all employees and ground staff, and safety protocols are taken by all our employee for their well being and good health

Industry, Innovation , Infrastructure

Using upgraded infrastructure and machinery for efficient recycling, adapting to clean and environmentally sound technologies

Required Inequalities

Formalizing the informal waste pickers community & providing employment opportunities to low income groups, while promoting a fair pay system

Sustainable Cities and Communities

Working towards a zero waste city and promoting circular economy through proper waste management system

Response consumption and Production

Recycling waste into usable material, thereby reducing the need for natural resources to be used as raw materials.m

Partnership for the Goals

Working in collaboration with multiple organisations in the social/development sector & practising an integrated approach to waste management.

Service Industry

Sustainable tomorrow starts
with recycling today.

Our Process

Waste Recycling Processes In The
Service Industry


Waste pickup

We pick your waste at your doorstep, dedicated team will reach on time to your locality.


Waste collection

We collect all kind of wastes like plastics, electronic Waste Recycling, papyer etc.



Once after the waste is been collected by the team immidiately the amount will transfered digitally or with cash to our customers.



Transforming waste into valuable resources, conserving energy and raw materials, and contributing to a sustainable, eco-friendly future.

Recycle Materials

We collect,
& recycle
all materials

  • Steel
  • Plastic
  • Lights & Bulbs
  • Books & Papers
  • Bottles
  • Food & Grocery
  • Common Waste
  • Newspaper
  • Glass and Bottles
  • E-Waste

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can I schedule a waste collection from my doorstep?

    Scheduling a waste collection is easy! Simply visit our website or use our app to book a pickup, choosing a convenient date and time..

  • What types of waste do you accept for recycling?

    We accept a wide range of recyclables, including paper, plastic, glass, and electronics. Check our guidelines for a detailed list.

  • Can I recycle electronics through your service?

    Absolutely! We provide electronic waste recycling services to ensure proper Recycling and recovery of valuable materials while minimizing environmental impact..

  • Do I need to separate different types of recyclables?

    While it's helpful, it's not mandatory. We offer single-stream recycling, making it convenient for you to recycle without extensive sorting.

  • What measures do you take to ensure the safety of your waste collection team?

    Our team follows strict safety protocols. They are equipped with the necessary protective gear and receive regular training to ensure a safe working environment.


Trees saved


Energy saved

0Cr Gal

Water saved

0Sq Ft

Landfill Area saved

Why Choose Us

Why Choose Trash To Cash
Recycling Services

Choose us for seamless doorstep waste collection, eco-friendly recycling, transparent
processes, and a commitment to sustainability for a cleaner future.


tons over a year, dry waste collected and prevented from entering the landfill


tonnes of dry waste recycled and converted to raw materials


waste workers provided with formal and permanent employment


households involved and are provided with on-demand, door-to-door waste collection services

Our Team and Management

CEO and Founder

Founder CEO

Ankit Jain

Ankit Jain - Founder: He is a 23 year old graduate of BA - Economics from Christ University. After completing his studies in 2021, looking at the crisis of Covid-19, he planned to take up the initiative of achieving the Sustainable Development Goals through creating a circular economy. He started his business career in 2014 and his motto has been to provide the best customer service. He has also served as the President of Rotaract Club Of Bangalore Orchards and has been an active member in the Swacch Bharat Mission.

  • Expertise:Marketting , Finance, Social Entrepreneurship
  • Experience: 5 Years

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Choose us for seamless doorstep waste collection, eco-friendly recycling, transparent processes, and a commitment to sustainability for a cleaner future.


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